October in Review


October, October, oh where hast thou gone? AHEM, wasn’t it just October first? I’m still getting used to the idea that it isn’t 2016 anymore…

Anyway, it can’t REALLY be fall, can it? Fall came late for us, and most of October felt more like September. Seriously, as I’m writing this on the first of November, it’s 65 out! Within the past couple of weeks, though, it’s gotten colder, and the leaves have been changing. Finally! I was worried with our hot September (10 degrees higher than normal, y’all) that they’d just turn brown and not really change once the cold hit. But they have, and they’re lovely. Our farm has the prettiest leaves around, and that’s a fact. (We also probably have some of the deadest trees around…) (Deadest? Is that grammatically correct?)


So where do I start? October went by in a flash.

 – I worked on my new website (and released it)!

 – I read around 20 books. (Come see me for Christian indie author recommendations!)

 – My former voice teacher asked me to sing at a concert in December – for pay. (More details later!)

 – Our septic system finally got finished and we survived hurricane Michael.


 – I cut my hair after weeks of anticipation (and didn’t tell my family) *evil laugh*.

 – Huntley broke twice (first the parking brake which got fixed – and then a few days ago the gear shift cable broke). >:[]

 – I got to know Amanda better over emailing and got to see her again when Allison came down!



 – I watched and rewatched many Tim Hawkins shows with my brother. (This is one of my favorite skits ever!)

 – I drank a lot of late-night hot cocoa.

 – I milked approximately 40 gallons of milk (and I only milk three days a week! What a cow.)

 – I started lifestyle blogging again! *cheers*


So that, my friends, was my month. In some ways it was crazy, and other ways it was nice and slow. Kind of perfect. On to November…


How was your October? Also GUYS I HAVE POST IDEAS. So look out – more coming your way!


P.S. Still figuring out how I want to format my blog posts, so things are going to be wonky for a little while. MY APOLOGIES.

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  • Reply Hannah

    Ooh looks like you had a great month! 😀

    November 2, 2018 at 3:41 pm
    • Reply Aria

      I did! Thanks, Hannah!

      November 4, 2018 at 4:44 pm
  • Reply Allison

    I loved this post, dear! (Even if I pretty much already knew everything that happened. :’D) For some reason the pictures didn’t show up in WordPress Reader (well, except one), so when I came to your blog, AHHH THEY’RE SO PRETTY, HOOWWWW! And hey, that succulent looks familiar… 😉

    November 5, 2018 at 9:39 am
    • Reply Aria

      Yay, I’m glad! But yeah, heh heh. And really? BUT THANK YOU! I know…anything with plants, right? 😉 Also huh, really? 😉

      November 5, 2018 at 4:08 pm

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