Guess Who Came to Visit?


That’s right – you guessed it! My best friend Allison from A Farm Girl’s life came to stay with me this past weekend! We both have pictures to share (and can’t wait to do so) and did another best friends photoshoot (that my friend Hannah took!)  but this is just a sneak peek, because…

aria-photo-7photo credit to Hannah

We’re hosting a best friends q&a and need questions! Followers of Allison will hopefully remember the sisters q&a that she and Megan did – we’re planning to do something similar. We’re hoping to post the pictures within the next few weeks, so the sooner y’all give us your questions, the better! Go ahead and comment them below. We can’t promise to answer them all*, but we’ll try!

Until next time, dears!

*Disclaimer: We have the absolute right to refuse to answer any questions if they are too personal, inappropriate, etc. As always, keep ‘em clean and respectful. Thank you!

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