Well, folks, I’m sort of at a loss for words. It’s been so long since I have been lifestyle blogging that I honestly don’t know what to post about or write! I’m sure once I get the ball rolling I’ll do just fine, but, heh heh, the ball is heavy. Anyway, I figured I’d try to start by doing a recently ramble. We shall see how this goes.



Wearing: fuzzy socks. Because Y’ALL IT IS COLD.

Listening: to The Carpenters. Also to The Gray Havens’ newest album, She Waits.

Watching: I recently watched The Stork Club (1945). It’s a musical-ish rom-com. The plot is thus: a hat check girl saves an old man from drowning, and thinking he’s a tramp, she gets him a job where she works at The Stork Club. He’s actually a millionaire and wants to make her happy, so he has his lawyer anonymously set up charge accounts and give her a suite in York Tower, etc. Anyway, her boyfriend comes back from the marines with his band and gets suspicious, so there are a lot of obstacles in the way, but it ends happily ever after. The protagonist was played by Betty Hutton, who I like a lot, but the plot was kind of exasperating. It just went around in circles!

Preparing: for a special visitor! I can’t wait to tell you guys more and post about it, but you’ll just have to wait…


Reading: Foxe’s Book of Martyrs, or at least trying to. I just finished Thinking Straight in a Crooked World and it was SO GOOD. Seriously one of the best books on worldviews + apologetics that I’ve read so far.

Creating: watercolor designs for a project for my great-grandmother’s 90th birthday!

Watering: a palm tree, two polka-dot plants, another random tree, an orchid, a succulent, an ivy plant, and another random plant THAT ARE ALL IN MY ROOM because my grandmother wants me to winter them for her. I don’t mind, except THEY’RE TAKING OVER MY ROOM. XD

Helping: out my aunt’s family a little because she just had her eighth baby and her third girl! The baby’s name is Sparrow Sky. :)

Enjoying: Rebecca’s posts this fall. THE AESTHETIC. It’s making me want to visit Ireland in the fall.


That’s it for now, you guys! Pick one of these and tell me what YOU’RE wearing/listening/watching/etc! Also WHO DO YOU THINK MY SPECIAL VISITOR IS?

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