Hello, my friends!

I have VERY IMPORTANT NEWS TO ANNOUNCE TODAY. As you can tell, there are a lot of changes around here. Mainly my blog looks quite a bit different, and if you click to my website, I’ve updated that too. (Check it out and let me know what you think!) I’ve a few more small adjustments and changes to make, but I’m pretty much done, and therefore, ready to announce…


I had pretty much decided that I wanted to when I posted last week, and the results on the poll just clarified my decision! I’m so excited, you guys! *throws confetti* (Note I’m not as professional as I used to be. XD)

Today, I’d like to just lay out what is going to be happening around here.


(For one, you might be seeing more of that adorable guy.)

The two main themes of this blog are going to be life on the farm and photography. All my client work will be over on the business blog, so this’ll be for personal photography and such. I’ll also do travel posts (when I travel), which will also include some of my hometown, Asheville. I’m hoping to add some art posts and also behind-the-scenes of photography projects, and educational posts! I’ll include other random subjects as well.

Basically, I’m keeping this blog low-key and as unstructured as possible. I’m going to try to post at least once a week, but not on any particular day. When I blogged a couple years ago, I worked SO HARD at it and pretty much burnt myself out. (Like, guys – I was posting detailed, pretty, long and well-thought-out posts EVERY OTHER DAY.) This isn’t to say that I won’t work hard on my posts, but I want to enjoy blogging, and not see it as work as I used to.



So that’s about it! Tell me – is there any particular subject you’re looking forward to seeing? Anything you think I should do? Post ideas? What do you think of my new look? (DO YOU REALIZE I HAD THE SAME THEME FOR THREE YEARS?)

Happy Monday, you guys!

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