I need your help!


Hey, friends!

I’m in the process of making huge changes to my website, and I need y’all’s input! The new website has a great blog section (whereas this blog, although linked to my photo website, is completely separate, with a different link), and I’ve been wondering if I should use the photo web blog to post just for clients and turn this back into a lifestyle blog.

As well as farm and travel photography, I’d also use this for my photography tips posts. I feel like it’d be easier and less confusing to clients if I had a separate blog just for them right on the site. I’d also feel better about posting more lifestyle posts on this blog since it’s not really for clients. Besides, I think you guys all like my lifestyle posts the best. 😉


On the other hand, I seriously JUST changed this blog to be my Aria Photo blog not even a year ago, and I kind of hate to change it back so soon, haha! I feel like that’s the story of my life – I’m always changing something around, as my brother will rant and shake his head about. XD It’s a small con compared to the pros, but you know…it’s the principle of the thing. I probably wouldn’t change up the colors or name – though I do have a new template in store. 😉

Anyway, I thought I’d get y’all’s input on this and see what you think! Keep it the way it is, or have two separate blogs? You can vote with this poll or drop a comment and tell me what you think!

Should I have two blogs?


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