A Trip to Douglas Lake



Yo, long time no post!

About a month ago, my family felt the wanderlust and hitched up camper to go stay at Douglas Lake for a weekend. And I’m glad we did because it’s GORGEOUS over there! Douglas Lake is right at the foot of the Smokies, and the views were incredible.

We went out boating on a pontoon the day after we arrived, which was quite enjoyable, although it was rather cloudy and started raining on us. We were hoping to catch some fish, and between my mom and brother, caught six little guys that my dad filleted for supper that evening! Unfortunately, they were so small that they were more like little fish bites. XD But they were tasty all in all, and I think that it was an enjoyable experience. ūüėČ

I didn’t get too many pictures on the water because¬†I was worried about getting my camera wet (I need to buy a rain guard), so these are mostly from the first day/evening we were there. It’s hard to see the Smokies¬†because¬†of the cloud cover, unfortunately, but it was still beautiful.

I hope y’all¬†enjoy some of my favorite pictures below!

douglas_lake_tennessee_vacations_photographyaria-photo-3aria-photo-10aria-photo-6some random strangers fishing


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