Best Friends Photoshoot


Allison and I have an unusual friendship. We’re best friends, and yet we live over three hundred miles apart. “What’s so unusual about that?” you might ask. That in and of itself is not out of the ordinary; many best friends have had to move away from each other and keep up their friendship long-distance. What makes our friendship unique is that neither of us had to move away: in fact, we became best friends before we had even met each other in real life.


Allison and I met online. A few years ago, I became friends with her younger sister Megan through her blog, A Barefoot Gal. Through Megan, I found Allison’s blog, A Farm Girl’s Life. I immediately started following because I found we had much in common: we were both homeschooled, Christians, and lived on a farm. A few months later, we started emailing; not too frequently, but here and there. It wasn’t until a year later that we started writing letters, and delving into deep subjects about our core beliefs that we found out we had even more in common. Turns out, Allison and I have few differences.


We wrote letters and emailed frequently for a few months, and then we started emailing even more. Back and forth, every night. January of this year came, and we exchanged phone numbers. I went through some hard times, and Allison prayed for and encouraged me. I suddenly realized that she was my best friend.


It was a bit after “officially” becoming best friends (though who is to say we weren’t for all those months we emailed and wrote!?) that we decided we REALLY needed to meet each other. It took a while, but I persuaded my parents, and after much excitement, we drove almost six hours to her family’s farm to stay in their guest house. We spent an entire weekend together, and it was one of the best, most memorable trips I’ve been on. It was so surreal, and I still can’t believe we actually got to meet after all these months of waiting and planning! Allison and had already decided a photoshoot was a no-brainer, so we bought coordinating skirts and went out on her farm at golden hour and convinced Megan to help us get some pictures. Most of these are Megan’s handiwork, and I’m deeply indebted to her. (Megan, I’d buy you a donkey if I could!)


Allison, thank you for being my best friend. Thank you for sticking with me when times get hard, and for writing me beautiful short-story-length emails about watching the sunset over the pond, and for advising me what clothes to wear to the library. I know I’m a lot to put up with, and at times *facepalm* worthy, but I’m so grateful to have you as my best friend. ☺


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