Blue Ridge Orthodontics


Last year, I had the opportunity to work with BRO for the first time! Blue Ridge Orthodontics did my braces several years ago, and now my brother goes. I did a shoot for Dr. Roberts’ daughter Emma, and later last year I went and took all of BRO’s new photos! They built a new building and redid their website and wanted updated photos for a fresh look.

Speaking of their new building, that’s below! I came back recently after the contractors finished and took all their interior photos…it’s SO gorgeous! I love the blue and the wood elements mixed with the modern. Enjoy some of my faves below!

aria-photo-2 aria-photo-3blue_ridge_orthodontics_assistants_headshotsaria-photo-30aria-photo-21aria-photo-20aria-photo-25aria-photo-24aria-photo-23aria-photo-29aria-photo-22aria-photo-26aria-photo-19


What do YOU think? Isn’t their building a work of art? I almost wish I had braces again so I could go there. XD

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