Much is growing on the farm! I love watching all the plants from seedlings and transplants to full-fledged fruit. This year we have so many veggies! Tomatoes, summer squash and zucchini, cabbages, broccoli, onions, watermelons, honeydew, cantaloupe, potatoes, blueberries and cucumbers to name most of them.

It takes so much effort and so much work! But it is SO worth it when we sit down to a meal and all the vegetables are from the farm, freshly picked that morning. There is so much reward and beauty in hard work. ♥ I just love the colors God chose to put in the garden veggies: the various shades of green, the faint blue undertones in the cabbage and broccoli leaves and the pops of yellow from cucumber blossoms and summer squash. And I love to see the fresh morning dew sparkling on the leaves when I come down early in the morning. I think that’s my favorite time of the day; it’s so quiet out and the sun is still coming up, the air is cooler and everything is fresh with dew-drops. ♥


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