Golden Blooms


I have here the last of flower pictures I did last month! I went back to the orchard at golden hour and took more pictures of the blossoms and they were SO. PRETTY. Our mountain laurels started blooming and so did our daisies…so naturally, I got out with my camera and took pictures. ☺  Aren’t they gorgeous, especially in the lighting? I took the pictures of the daisies in the early morning light and AGH it’s so PRETTY!

Enjoy my favorite pictures!


16 thoughts on “Golden Blooms

  1. Sassafras says:

    Very pretty! I especially like the apple blossom pictures. We still have daisies around, and I love taking pictures of them! I’ve taken pictures of them multiple times. :)

  2. Samantha Sky says:

    How beautiful. I love the angles, colors, and faded backgrounds going on here, dahling; you are such a talented human being! 😛

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