The Arrival of Baby Chicks


Hi y’all! I am finally back from my very long hiatus…in fact, it was more like a hibernation. XD The past couple of months have been really busy. My family and I went through a really hard time, but God sustained us with His grace and we are so thankful for our supportive friends and family. Now, summer has arrived on the farm and I am back! 

This summer I have a bit of a break before launching into photoshoots in the fall, so I’ll be posting a lot of lifestyle posts! It’s been a while since I blogged lifestyle full time, and I do enjoy sharing my farm photography in the summer. We just got 62 baby chicks (Isa Brown laying hens) and I can’t wait to show you guys, so bring on the cuteness!

farm_photographer_hendersonville_ashevilleasheville_farm_chicksfarm_chicks_hendersonville_photographeradorable_baby_chickI think this is my favorite picture. :)


Were they not ADORABLE? I wish they could stay like this forever. ♥ ♥ Before I finish, I have a question for y’all! My best friend thinks that baby bunnies are cuter than baby chicks, but I don’t agree. XP Which do YOU think are cuter?


Did you get your dose of baby-animal cuteness for today? What was your favorite picture?

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