Indoor Photography: 3 Tips


Whether you’re shooting people, pets, or petunias (how’s my alliteration?), taking pictures indoors can be confusing and annoying. Some days the pictures may turn out great, and other days…not so much. I used to hate my pictures that I took inside, but I discovered in time that there as an art to it, like everything else. I’ve now done an entire photoshoot inside, not to mention lots of stock photography for my blog. Without further ado, my 3 tips.


Find a window and turn off the lights. 

This is the very first thing I do! I find the best natural light possible. This probably means shooting in odd places, and it also means shooting when the sun is up. Depending on the side of the house the window is on, you may get no light or tons of light. You’ll just have to investigate and make note of where and when the light comes in. I turn off the lights to make sure I don’t get any yellow tones. Light bulbs tend to cast colors onto your subject and also light it from the wrong direction, causing unflattering shadows.


Use a light softener.

My favorite weather condition to shoot flat lays in is cloudy. I set up my white board right next to the window and shoot without any filters. But for sunny days, the harsh light coming through a window is just as bad as it would be outside. This is why I love my light softener! I have also used it to block rays of light that otherwise would be on my subject, turning into hot spots.


Try to find a non-distracting background.

Backgrounds that add to the subject are great; clutter is not. Move the furniture, take the photo off the wall. If you’re taking a flat lay, I love using rumpled sheets or white boards. I’ve even used a tulle skirt before. Soft neutrals are great. (Or purple. Always purple.)


Bonus tip! 

I looove shooting wide open indoors. It just lets in so much more light and helps with the background too! Check last week’s post to see my favorite lens for indoors, the 35mm f/1.8.

So! Do you have difficulties shooting indoors? What are your favorite tips?

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