Visiting the Old Farm


For a while, I’ve been very interested in history and farming. Granted, I live on a farm, so let’s say I’ve had plenty of encouragement for that interest, but I’ve found both fields extremely fascinating and enjoyable. When my Granddaddy decided to visit his sister, my Aunt Susan, in TN last month, I asked if I could join him and go see the farm that he grew up on in the sixties.

As we walked the farm, it was really neat to hear my Granddaddy say “This is where we would milk the cows,” or show me the corn-crib, still standing (in the above picture, I believe), or point out where the fence was that he crashed into on their tractor. (I’m sure he’d rather that story be forgotten, but anyone who hears it has a good laugh!) The current owners of the farm are a retired couple who are taking a really good care of the farm. They own black Angus beef cows (the same kind my Granddaddy’s family had!) and a few horses.

While I was in TN, I also got to visit my cousin Rebecca and her husband John’s farm, which was a lot of fun and so lovely getting to see them again. :)

I did all these pictures in black-and-white. It’s out of the norm for me, since I generally keep my pictures in color, but it felt fitting to fit the vintage aspect and because everything is so brown outside considering the season. And so…enjoy my favorites of the old farm.


10 thoughts on “Visiting the Old Farm

  1. Catharine Runion says:

    Oh, Aria – you make me want to fly down to Tenessee – that farm is so beautiful! I love the way you made the pictures black and white, it really makes it feel as if I’m stepping back in time. Also how do I subscribe? We still get emails in my parents’ email from when you were still doing your other blog, but I can’t figure out how to get notifications on my email. Thanks!!❤

  2. Rebecca Parker says:

    Great pics Aria!! Love the black and white! So glad you got the opportunity to visit the old farm they grew up on! And that we got to see you again!:)

  3. Caroline says:

    “I’ve found both FIELDS extremely fascinating…” get it? Cause the farm… hehe
    Beautiful shots! My favorite is the one of the stream. What a neat blast from the past. I would have loved to visit the farms where my grandparents grew up.

    • Aria says:

      Haha that’s too funny! I had no idea I was making a pun! Thank you so much, Carrie! I know, I really loved getting to see the old place. :)

  4. Kristen says:

    Great shots Aria! Visiting sites where your grandparents grew up sometimes makes it feel like you’re stepping back in time, and you really captured that idea well in these pictures. The black and white coloring really enhanced that effect as well.

  5. Hannah E.S says:

    Oh, how fun! I always love taking trips to my grandparents’ house in Erie. Isn’t it fun exploring your grandparents’ house and yard? I used to find old, rusty farm equipment and all sorts of things as a kid!

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