Amelia Island Vacation


A picture is supposed to be worth a thousand words, but perhaps I should give a little more than that. A few weekends ago, my family and I went down to Amelia Island off the coast of Florida for a little rest and relaxation before the New Year. My dad is always crazy busy, and Christmas weekend is really the only time that is slower for him. We were originally going to go for two weeks down to the Gulf of Mexico, but because my dad would have had to work if we were gone that long, we decided to go for just four nights to a place a little closer to home.

Let’s just say that this vacation was nothing short of fabulous! It was SO nice to go and not have to worry about answering emails (I decided to go MIA and not take my computer or phone with me) or doing chores, or getting up to milk every morning!

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to sleep in because the bed was pretty uncomfortable (nothing like a bed you’re used to!), but that gave me the incredible opportunity of seeing a sunrise over the water. In fact, I saw three of them! Besides seeing the sun rise, I enjoyed the 80 degree weather and long walks on the beach – even went for a run on the beach in the dark after dinner one night!

The second day we were there, we decided to go explore Driftwood Beach off Little Talbot State Island to do my parents’ anniversary photos. It was the perfect location and it was super cool getting to see all the massive driftwood.

We came back home to single digit weather which was rather uninviting, but it was nice to enjoy the warm sunny weather if only for a few days. :)


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