Welcome to the New Blog


Hello and welcome to the new Aria Photo blog! I’m so excited to announce the rebranding of my blog.

What exactly is Aria Photo Blog and what are you posting?

Aria Photo blog is the merging of two blogs – Purrfectly Inspired, my 3-year-old lifestyle blog, and my business blog. I posted different things on each, but PI started declining as I worked harder and harder on my business. I stopped posting over a month ago and began to think of merging. I will be posting both the business side and the personal side – client photoshoots, definitely, but also I’ll be writing about travel, being a young entrepreneur, and I’ll share behind-the-scenes snippets from my life on the farm.

How often do you plan to post?

My goal is 1-2 times a week, though as business speeds up this will increase.

Can I get emails?

Yes! If you’re following from Purrfectly Inspired, by all means keep following! You’re still on the email list. If you’re a past client you’ll automatically be on the email list. If you haven’t subscribed in the past and want to, the only way right now is to enter your name and email into the contact form. I’ll start sending weekly insider emails with special tips and information, so make sure you don’t miss out!

All in all I’m very excited for this merger…I missed blogging on Purrfectly Inspired but as I started to get so busy with Aria Photo, I didn’t have the time. Now that I’ve changed things, I’ll be setting aside time to blog; and put out really good blog posts like I used to when I was blogging professionally. I can’t wait to see where this is going to take Aria Photo!


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