The Crowsons: Forest Costumed Family Portraits | Asheville NC

Every family has something that makes them unique. Well, this one-of-a-kind family has not one, but several things that make it unique. Personally, I’m an authority on the uniqueness of this family – and I might even use a different word – crazy. I should know because I see this family just about every day, and I’ve seen six of these children within just hours of being born. I’ve watched almost every child take his first steps or talk his first word. I’ve held them all and supervised coloring activities. I’ve taken them on walks and played with them. I’ve fought over breakfast with them and sat with them as they do their school.

You’d think I was an older sister or something, but I’m not. In fact, I’m just a cousin, but I consider myself a sister. I’ve been around this family regularly for eleven years, just months after the oldest was born. And three years ago, when they moved to being just 2 minutes away, I’ve probably been to their house every day. It’s a good way of being a sister, because so far I haven’t changed any diapers, but I’ve gotten to watch them all grow up. And I’m not sure exactly what I would do without this crazy, big family.

Every year for Thanksgiving, we gather at my house on the top of the hill on our family compound farm. When my aunt and mom were younger, their family would dress as pilgrims each year and make their costumes from historical information. For two years running, my cousins dressed as pilgrims, but this year they decided to do something different. They and my grandmother have been working on these Native American costumes for months! They started with research, and then started making their costumes from real leather. Nearly everything about their costumes they made themselves, and that’s no easy task when you have nine people in your family! I think this is such a great way to remember those who went before you, and it’s definitely a huge learning opportunity for the kids!

Enjoy some of my favorites from their quirky, rather candid photoshoot. There’s always someone sneezing, someone playing with sticks, someone scolding, and someone crying, but that’s the essence of this crazy family.


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