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Spartus Spartaflex 1940s Camera!

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See my new toy! Or rather, the start of my vintage camera collection. This baby is a Spartus Spartaflex box camera that was first introduced in 1940 at the price of $47.50 (which is over $800 in today’s currency!). It’s a twin lens reflex, made in Chicago. Both lenses shoot at 100 mm focal length and you can change the aperture from f/7.7 to f/11, f/16 and f/22. (More information here.)

You’re probably wondering why I bought this camera as I probably won’t be able to shoot with it. For my senior pictures this fall, one of the outfits I’m doing is an authentic 1940s outfit and of course, I needed a good prop! Plus, you know, I really, really love cameras…and anything vintage…so I decided I might as well start a collection with this thing. It helped that it was only $30 on eBay! All in all, it appears to be pretty photogenic and the purpose of this post is just to show off how absolutely darling it is…

//what do you think of my new camera?//

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