Asheville, NC Senior Pictures | Caroline


This girl and I have been friends for a loooong time! We both sing in the same choir that gathers at a church in Asheville with beautiful flowering trees. A year ago, I asked her if I could take her pictures and she happily complied. We first wanted to get some golden-hour pictures on a farm in Mills River, but the day we had chosen turned out cloudy! However, we did end up getting some good pictures! Caroline has such an energetic, happy personality and is so much fun to be around – not to mention photograph! I think onlookers would have giggled to see us suddenly burst out into laughter or launch into “Singin’ in the Rain” when I brought out one of my props, a green umbrella.

The next mini-shoot we had was at the church with the flowering trees,  and it also turned out to be a dreary day! But Caroline willingly climbed a tree with her ukulele in the rain, and as you can see, the picture was worth it!

Caroline’s shoots were so much fun and I would love to do more pictures for this girl on a sunnier day to match her disposition!

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