Around the Farm, V


The other day, I took a walk around the farm. Actually, I was going to my aunt’s to take more pictures of Meadow, but I stopped to get some farm pictures on the way there. (All of the three minutes it takes to walk there…) Here’s what’s happening on the farm this month.

The hoop house we put in the garden last year has been great for winter lettuces. It stays nice and warm in there, especially in the afternoon!

purrfectly-inspired-39 purrfectly-inspired-40 purrfectly-inspired-41 purrfectly-inspired-43 purrfectly-inspired-29

These rows are for when we extend the hoop house.


Miss Meadow

meadow (1 of 2) meadow (2 of 2)

More baby bunnies nestling in here (we have at least 8 more) and the ones that grew up :)

purrfectly-inspired-32 purrfectly-inspired-37 purrfectly-inspired-34 purrfectly-inspired-33


I wish this wasn’t out of focus, because it reminds me of how Reepicheep looks in the second Narnia movie when he looks up at Lucy for more of her healing potion (because he lost his tail 😉 )


The baby chicks….they kind of grew up too 😛

purrfectly-inspired-31 purrfectly-inspired-30


My dad bought my mom the Breville pizza maker for his birthday 😉 and we had fun making our own miniature pizzas the other night.

purrfectly-inspired-44 purrfectly-inspired-45 purrfectly-inspired-47

Mine (above) was bacon and pineapple with an extra-thick crust.

January and February are pretty quiet months on the farm as far as farming goes. Anyone else like thick crusts?

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