Asheville, NC Urban Senior Portraits | Joanna

After doing Hannah’s pictures, her friend Joanna from Greenville contacted me. I knew right off that Joanna, who told me she played basketball and volleyball, would be perfect for an urban background. She was game for the idea, so I started doing some scouting. Years before, we had lived in Biltmore Park, a rather large community in South Asheville with residential homes, stores, and restaurants.

My mom remembered that the REI building had a metal wall – perfect for an urban background. As we drove around, we found not only a metal wall, but concrete, railings, brick – all wonderful urban backgrounds.  Joanna willingly drove up from Greenville, SC to meet me there at 9:00 AM and we started shooting in spite of the freezing cold! Joanna was a lovely girl to work with and was willing to do anything – climb a tree and jump a fence included. We had great fun and plan to do more pictures in the spring!


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