Sunsets & Golden Hour Photography

Last week, we (meaning Granddaddy, Daddy, Mama and Muttie) moved a high tunnel into the garden that Granddaddy and the boys built. It just so happened that it got moved just as the sun was setting – and, as I had my camera, I got some amazing pictures!

pink-sunset-7875 (2)

With a little Lightroom editing, they turned out almost as you could see them in real life!

pink-sunset-7858 (2)pink-sunset-7874 pink-sunset-7852 (2) pink-sunset-1

And then the other day, I realized I hadn’t gotten my walk in yet, so I decided to walk up to the top of the orchard hill (where we keep the chickens and rabbits as well as where our 126 fruit trees are) to get some more sunset + golden hour pictures. I love sunsets :)



When we had finished with golden hour, the sun had already gone down behind the mountains. So I fooled around with white balance a bit (seeing that I was in manual mode – I love manual mode so much!) and was able to get the hue to where I wanted it. Then I brought out the color just a bit more in Lightroom.


sunsets-2 sunsets-4

Pretty, ain’t it?

Getting sunsets is more difficult where we live because our house is blocked by trees! You can only see them if you’re down the hill or on top of our roof.

//Which of these pictures is your favorite?//
//Aren’t sunsets gorgeous? *sigh*// 
//Oh yes and – don’t forget about my giveaway!// 

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