This Month’s Goals | November 2016


I kind of feel like October has been one big slump for me. I didn’t really accomplish anything worthwhile this month and I didn’t really try either. I’m not going to go into details, but I am going to try a lot harder this November to be a #girlboss and sit on top of things and get them done. I’m kind of humiliated about the goals I didn’t accomplish in October so I’m going to just skip over them and get to November. I only accomplished reading through Mathew, 1st & 2nd Timothy, buying a record player, and writing a food post out of my six goals and the other ones should have been easier. :(


Here’s to a new leaf for November.

  • Get back to an even morning and night routine (ahem, which means going to bed on time or RELATIVELY early and waking up ON TIME).
  • Take 3 PHP classes a week (No, seriously. I know I meant to this in September but I REALLY need to do it now since I can access the code part of my blog.)
  • Walk to the front of the property and back 20 times (and provide proof of this by snapping a picture of my feet each walk).


  • Bake a mincemeat pie for Thanksgiving (Click here to see last year’s Thanksgiving (and my bad iPhone photography….yikes!) ).
  • Get back on track with chores and cleaning the kitchen
  • Finish making my Indian costume and possibly writing/researching my speech/presentation about the history of the Wampanoag people for Thanksgiving.
  • Watch movies only ONCE a week and on FRIDAYS.

So there are my eight goals for November. I’m really going to work on them! I’m so DONE with October and I’m ready for a new month, a blank slate, and some accomplishment here.

//Have you ever had a month where you feel like you did nothing?//
//Have you ever wanted just to start afresh and new?//
//What do you think I’m going to give away?//

singing off,

purrfectly inspired (1)

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