Guess what? I bought a record player!


Today I am REALLY EXCITED to show you guys something I’ve wanted for a long, long time – a record player. I can’t remember HOW long I’ve wanted one, but I do know that I wanted one in July. Anyway, I wasn’t quite ready to spend the money yet, plus I didn’t own any records.

When I went to the book sale in September, I found that they had records – for a whopping 25C each. Well, since they were so cheap, and they had a bunch of records of music I love, AAAANNNDDD I knew I had a great excuse to buy a record player if I came  home with records…..I bought about 6 or 7 of them.

more-records records(above is an assortment of some of the records in my collection.) I also have Die Fladermaus (a Strauss opera), Ed Ames, and the Sandpipers in my collection of records. Oh and Natalie Cole. (30’s, 40’s, 60’s and opera are my favorite genres of music.)

I waited a month before purchasing my player. I wanted to make sure I could find a good one for a good price. And I certainly did, because this one that I bought not only plays records, but will play MP3’s off a thumb drive and also put the tracks from the records onto a thumb drive. So if I have a record that I really really like, and I want it on my phone….bingo!


It’s just like the old ones where you move the needle over and put it on the record. I am loving this things  so so so much…I haven’t stopped playing it yet 😛



singing off (with my records),

purrfectly inspired (1)

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