How I Kick Fall Colds in the Butt


Raise your hand if you or somebody you know has already gotten sick this autumn. Uh-huh, that’s what I figured. Now how many of you have gotten away with a single cold this year?

I have. Last winter, actually, I didn’t get sick once and all year I’ve only had one cold…back in March. However, I’m not going to just sit here and gloat about it – I’m going to share my tips for staying well all winter long.




Getting enough sleep is really essential as it provides your body to rest up and recuperate. Lack of sleep really affects your immune system and makes you more prone to getting sick. I know that y’all are thinking: “I’m a busy person and I’ve got homework! HOW DO I GET MORE SLEEP?”. But the thing is, you really need to prioritize. The hours before midnight are the best ones, so try going to bed early and waking up earlier to get stuff done.


sleep. (2)You know you’ve heard it. Since you were a kid, you’ve been told to wash up! However, it’s more than that. If you’ve come in contact with people who are sick or previously sick, you should definitely sanitize anything they’ve touched – including you, especially if you’ve been hugging on sick peeps. If you have been out, in contact of people who are/have been sick, wash your clothes and take a shower!  If people have been in your home who are sick, wiping off doorknobs and light switches with anti-bacterial wipes is probably a smart idea too. :)



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An apple a day keeps the doctor away, right? Eating lots of fruits and vegetables is really immune-boosting and just makes you feel healthy overall. Veggies – especially dark green ones like broccoli and kale – are packed with minerals and vitamins. Fruits such as citrus, pineapple, strawberries, and blackberries also are filled with vitamin C – which is so beneficial for staying healthy!


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Drink drink drink! I like to drink a big glass of water with lemon and cayenne, as well as tea (check out immuni-tea). Water prevents cancer, makes your skin glow, prevents headaches, helps you lose weight, and – my favorite – flushes out bacteria and toxins.


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One of the major reasons why I stay well is because I use an immune-booster. It’s called elderberry syrup. Now elderberries work in a really cool way: when a virus enters your body, it tries to multiply in your cells so it can spread (and make you feel all gross and stuff). Elderberries actually go directly to the virus and stop it from multiplying. Isn’t that so neat? Elderberry syrup can be bought on my mom’s website here, but you can also make it with this recipe.

So there are some of the things I do to keep from getting sick! Give them a try and let me know if they work!

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