September’s 30-Day Photography Challenge: Results!


Guess what? I DID IT. LIKE SERIOUSLY DID IT. I took a photo every single day all September long (except for the fact that i missed one day, but we won’t talk about that…)! So, you want to see them?


1. August Bible reading 2. Our Mutual Friend and birthday card from Ali Raye! 3. Sunset 4. Lyric (more here) 5. AN INCREDIBLE MOVIE


6. What happened when I remembered to take my camera down to the garden (and I am SOOO happy I did.) 7. My favorite picture from the boys’ photo shoot (more here) 8. Lyric’s adorable headband.


9. My great-grandmother’s ring. 10. One of my aunt’s maternity pics (see more) 11. This post. 13. A most delightful historical fiction.


14. My camera strap feat. my feet. 15. Calligraphy experiment 16. Fruit salad on our picnic (we also ate chocolate cake) 17. First day kvass making 18. Second day kvass making


19. Tiger. 20. My Polaroid. 21. MORE AMAZING MOVIES 22. The view of the garden from inside the camper.


23. Pens 24. Our new walk-in cooler in the barn 25. Cranberry sauce I made 26. AAAHHH JANE EYRE


27. Tomatoes in our garden 28. Deconstructed garage because of construction 29. My boots 30. Leaves

And that was this month in photos! What do you think? Was it a good idea?

singing off,

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