What I learned from going to my first book sale


Because you learn something new every day.  :)

youre not the only one

*gasp* DID YOU KNOW THERE ARE ACTUALLY OTHER PEOPLE IN THE UNIVERSE THAT LIKE BOOKS TOO? You do? Good. Because I didn’t. I mean, I did, but I didn’t know they liked them so much that they would wake up to go to a book sale at ten o’clock on a Saturday morning. (I SERIOUSLY THOUGHT I WAS THE ONLY INSANE BIBLIOPHILE, Y’ALL.)

people are possesive jerks

*double gasp* Beforehand, I had no idea that there would be people there grabbing sets off the shelves before you could get to them. AND REALLY NICE SETS OF BOOKS TOO. Like the hardback first prints that you want.

your neck will be sore

There are people behind you, waiting for you to move. And you have to read through that shelf of books to see if there’s anything you want. And then the next shelf, and the one after that. Your head will be permanently tilted sideways afterwards.  (Because I read shelves of books with my head tilted to the side, DON’T YOU DO THAT TOO???)

there aren't just books

Nope. There are CDs, DVDs, RECORDS, many VHS tapes (and even MORE VHS tapes) as well as books. I had no idea. But I was ecstatic after discovering the records. Now I finally have an excuse to buy a record player! (Because owning 7 records is a really good excuse, right?

might have to park 2 lots over

There will be no parking spots. Because…

youll recieve a certificate

Apparently, there are a lot of people…like, A LOT. It’s also very hard to politely wade through hordes of bibliophiles. It’s a little more like: “Sorry, people, I might need to get through…do you mind letting me pass? *fail* MOVE OUT OF THE WAY PEOPLE I NEED TO GET TO THE BACK NOW”

counts as exercise

Because….carrying those boxes of books (and records, if you’re me) around the library builds arm muscles. Of course, you can put them on a small hand truck, but with that many people….it’s just easier to carry the heavy boxes instead of wheeling them around.

last but not least

Bring cash. I had no idea, BUT….they don’t accept credit cards! Great. So be prepared and bring the green stuff.

I didn’t know that going to a book sale was such an opportunity for education. Look at what I learned!

singing off,

purrfectly inspired (1)

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