This Month’s Goals | September 2016


September was a VERY busy month. We started school, got back to a routine with music, my parents went on vacation at the beginning of the month and then took the boys to a cavern in TN the end of the month; we got our landscaping done, and we have a contractor currently working on fixing things in the house and repainting the garage/sealing the floor.

I did manage to complete most of my goals! Let’s see…


  • Finish Carlee’s box of books – Nearly all of them. I think I just have a small stack left.
  • Go to a library book sale – I went to two of them!
  • Complete Rose Years – Nope. But I did buy a bunch of books. They just didn’t have the Rose years at the book sales.
  • Buy Our Mutual Friend – This was actually gifted to me just a few days after posting my goals post! Thanks, Ali Raye!
  • Take courses on HTML – This I haven’t completed, and it’s really just because I was going to do it on my internet time but got too busy enjoying internet to actually work. Ugh. I need some more self-discipline.


  • Buy True to the Old Flag – Yep! Haven’t read it yet, though.
  • Start School on schedule and stay all month – We started and stayed on a strict schedule the first week, but the last 2 weeks have been more flexible…but still sort of scheduled.
  • Really focus on violin and voice – I think so. I’ve certainly made a much bigger effort towards practicing this month.
  • Do couple, family, and portrait photos – I have yet to do family photos. Or couple. Ugh.
  • Take a photo a day – I only missed a couple days and the next post I’ll be displaying them!
  • Mix up my blog design for fall – Sadly, my dad has been too busy to let me into the admin section of the blog yet, but I’ve been making some changes here and there. (Go check out this page and this page!)
  • Read Hebrews and James – Yep!



  • Exercise at least 4 days a week – Now that working in the garden is a thing of the past, I really need to get outside and get active. Because if I don’t, I’ll just shut myself in my room all day and read.
  • Write a food post
  • Buy a record player
  • Read Matthew and First and Second Timothy
  • Write a hair post
  • Start my thankful tree by writing down something every day that I’m thankful for.


And there you have October’s goals! (I STILL CAN’T BELIEVE IT’S OCTOBER YOU GUYS.)

singing off,

purrfectly inspired (1)

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