Monthly Favorites | September 2016


Well, it’s the end of the month again! Our weather has been solidly warm and wet all month, but within the past three days, it has started to cool down. Yay! I do not like cold weather, but I’m ready for a change. Time to bring out the boots cause IT’S FALL, Y’ALL!

This month, my favorites have been…


Fruit kvass – My aunt took a class in August that taught her how to make many different fermented foods, including kvass. Kvass is a fermented drink that is really easy to make, tastes delicious (apples are the base), and is full of probiotic health benefits too!


Jane Eyre – Okay. I just read this book Monday night and I literally could not put it down. You know that book that leaves you breathless with amazement at the end? THIS WAS IT. GO READ IT NOW, PEOPLE.


Remington Ceramic Hot Rollers – August left me trying to figure out what to do with my short hair. I was rolling it in foam rollers at night, but it was just a tad too curly. These hot rollers have worked really well and I’ve used them nearly every day since I got them!


Dual Tip Brush Pens – My aunt gave me these pens and I looooove them! They’re great for calligraphy, having a fine point and a thick point, and perfect for intricate coloring pages!


Beauty in the Psalms Coloring Book – I bought this from when they had their Labor Day sale, and I love it! The pages are so pretty.

So there are my favorites for September! Do you have anything you’ve specifically liked this month?

singing off,

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