Summer Recap


Happy first day of fall, y’all! To celebrate, I’m going to look back at my bucket list and share a summer recap. :)

Completed Items on my Bucket List

  • Finish the Hobbit {I finished the Hobbit 2 days after making it a goal.}
  • Finish American History Textbook {See more}
  • Serve others {See more}
  • Study Colossians {Yep!}
  • Get off Auto mode on the camera {Yes! I did it!}
  • Learn how to do a new style with my hair {Well, I learned how to do a crown braid…and then I chopped it off. Whoops! :P}
  • Host a giveaway {See more}
  • Go to 3 book and antique stores {Didn’t make it, but I did go to a book sale, so I’m counting this half-finished}
  • Can a whole batch of tomatoes by myself {Not quite, but I can…see more}
  • Celebrate the anniversary of my blog {Yup!}

To see the rest of my bucket list, click here.


Summer recap

This summer was really busy. About the middle of June, the garden started really producing and I started going down to pick cucumbers, green beans, other vegetables, and plant the fall garden. I didn’t finish school until the end of June, and directly after that, the garden started producing like crazy. July through August I would go down to can tomatoes and pick in the mornings. In July, we bought an RV trailer, I hosted a giveaway, found out that my aunt is expecting a girl (!!!), and went to a wedding.


In August we went camping, went to waterfalls, celebrated my birthday, went out to lunch with my dad, finished my skirt, cut my hair, did lots of canning and garden work, joined a club that Granddaddy started (Watermelon Eaters Anonymous), started experimenting with portrait photography. September has been a lot quieter. I think that the most fun things about September were going on a picnic with my besties and to a book sale. August was definitely the busy month of the summer!

So there’s my summer recap! It was super busy and very typical for us on the farm. What did you do this summer?

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