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Guess what! Today I have another Q & A. I figured it was time for another one, since the last time I did one was several months ago. I sent out a request on my email list for questions and…here we go!

What’s your favorite hairstyle? Well, when my hair was long, it was a braided bun, but now that it’s short I’ve been sticking to one hairstyle and not really experimenting much. I like to roll it in foam rollers overnight (or hot-roller it in the morning) to wear it down curly!

As a homeschooler, do you tend to get up early and do your schoolwork, or do you take your time in the mornings and do it in the late morning/afternoons?  I totally wake up early and get all my school done before lunch. Best thing ever about being homeschooled.

What is the top language that  you would like to learn but haven’t learned yet? Hmmm….Well, Italian? I’m trying to learn it :) After that maybe German, or French. Both of which I have to have some knowledge of in voice. (You know, Mozart’s The Magic Flute is in German. 😉

Favorite pair of socks? Hahahahaha! Ummm…..I don’t have a favorite pair of socks…mainly because I only wear socks with my garden shoes and with my boots…so I don’t have any favorites.

Which parent are you most like? My dad. In looks and several other things. Such as practical-ness. But I do carry some of my mom’s traits. It’s hard to say because my parents are both quite alike.

Which do you like better: smoothies or tea? Tea, full time!

What is your middle name? Lisette. Isn’t it pretty? It’s French.



What is your favorite color? Any blue and green combination. It used to be pink, then purple, and now blue and green. But I think I’m going back to pink again…sort of a dusty, mauve pink. For fall, of course.

Do you play an instrument? Yep! Three: violin, voice, and piano. Albeit, I do not like piano that much. I don’t study it anymore; just play it once and a while. (I’ve played violin, however, for eleven years!)

Have you ever listened to an audio drama, and if so, do you like them\what audio dramas have you listened to? Oh, yes! Many times! I love the Lamplighter audio dramas, Jonathan Park, and Focus on the Family’s Les Miserables. I love Les Mis.

What is a favorite childhood memory? I have a few vivid childhood memories from when I was really young – like two years old. Most of them are painful, like falling off the countertop or stubbing my toe, but one that I treasure is when I tried to pull my grandfather up the hill on a sled in the snow. That was when we lived up north. There I was, at two years old, thinking I could pull my granddaddy. Uphill too! Hahaha, muscle power 😛

What is your favorite way to spend your free-time? By reading. Or photography.

How many siblings do you have? I have one brother who’s five years younger than I. However, I live five WALKING minutes away from my aunt’s big family of six and counting. We all live on the same farm :) so it’s like I actually have seven siblings. I just don’t live with them.

What are you wearing right now? Right now I’m writing this waaaayyyy before posting it, so: a denim dress. No, I didn’t go anywhere – I wear skirts and dresses every day.



What color are your eyes? My eyes are a green-gray-with-a-hint-of-blue combination. Mostly gray, but they turn bright green when I cry. (You see, I hardly ever get mad, so crying’s their only chance :P)

Favorite and least favorite chores on the farm? Watering plants with grass tea is the worst thing ever. (grass tea is grass sitting in water for days in the sun – it ferments and STINKS.) I do like picking vegetables though! Or canning. Picking veggies and canning are my only two chores really, and I like them both :)

Do you take showers at night or in the morning? At night. Unless I find a really long interesting book, which is…well, rather often.

If you have two pencils and I have four apples, how many pink pancakes can fit on the roof? I don’t know, because the pencils and apples went to party with the pancakes.

What is your favorite number? Eight.

Are you getting tired of answering questions yet? Nope! I could answer questions forever! The real question is, are you tired of reading me answer them?


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