This Month’s Goals | September 2016

Ladies and Cats, it’s time for another edition of….This Month’s Goals! To welcome fall, I’m doing this month in a bucket list style.



August’s Goals

Study 1st and 2nd Corinthians: Yep! And I learned a lot. 1st and 2nd Corinthians are full of instructions on Godly behavior – and what characterizes a Christian.

Write book review: Proof of Completion. 


Finish my skirt and start on jumper: I did finish my skirt {above} (well, almost all the way – we sent it to a seamstress to put in the zipper) but we haven’t started on my jumper yet. We’re trying to find a seamstress to sew it with.

Finish American History Textbook and Classic Literature Book: I did finish my history text, but not one page did I turn in the literature book. It had gotten to an intimidating part and I was busy. What a sorry excuse.

September’s Goals


  • Read Hebrews and James
  • Finish the box of books that Carlee loaned me
  • Go to a library book sale
  • Complete the Rose Years in my Little House collection
  • Buy Dickens’ Our Mutual Friend
  • Buy True to the Old Flag by Henty
  • Start school on a schedule and stick to it
  • Really focus and work intently on violin and voice
  • Start taking courses on HTML
  • Take a photo a day and display it at the end of the month
  • Experiment with family, couple, and portrait photos
  • Mix up my blog design for fall


So there you have it – September’s Goals! Some of our trees are already turning…..I don’t want fall to come :(

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