Monthly Favorites | August 2016

I have a serious problem, y’all. I start every single monthly favorites post with the declaration that I just CAN’T believe we’ve ended another month. So original, am I right? Yeah….nope. It ain’t. I can’t help it, though, because that’s what is on my mind at the end of every month – are we SERIOUSLY through this one now?


Whether I believe it or not, the calendar confronts me with the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. September first is tomorrow, and I’m afraid I can’t cling to August any longer.

With that being said, let us begin.



I got this diffuser for my birthday this month and I love it! I like to diffuse lavender at night when I go to bed. I also got a sample essential oil collection and I like their Stress Away and Joy blends. The diffuser works really well!



I am a HUGE fan of the Daniel Boone TV series that aired in the sixties. My grandmother bought Season 2 a while ago (season 1 was super expensive) and I rewatched it all this month – then bought Season 1 and watched it too! I love how clean they are – and I just really like old shows in general :) There are three or four episodes that I won’t be letting my cousins watch, but overall it’s a great family-friendly show! It’s also quite historical, which I absolutely love :).



Also for my birthday, I received this microfiber long hair towel. Well, promptly after receiving it, I went and cut 15 inches off my hair. :O Despite that, I did try it with hip-length hair and it worked really well! It soaks the water out of my hair and dries it about a third of the way. (Oh, and it works well with short hair too. :) )



I discovered Ed Ames through the Daniel Boone show – he was the half-British half-Cherokee friend Mingo. I looked him up and discovered that he was one of the Ames Brothers before he went to study acting! Turns out Ed recorded several records himself in the 60’s. Two years ago, someone put together his two Broadway albums – Opening Night and More I Cannot Wish You, ending up with a 24-song album, called Ed Ames On Broadway. Since he has an amazing, rich, velvety baritone voice, I love Broadway music, AND it was quite affordable, I purchased the CD. I haven’t stopped listening to it yet. My favorite songs are “They Were You, “Try to Remember”, “If Ever I Would Leave You” and “The Trolley Song”.



I’ve been really interested in modern calligraphy, but I hadn’t figured out how to do it – until I found this tutorial. It’s so easy it’s silly.

And, that completes my favorites for this month! Have you ever tried calligraphy?