All-of-a-Kind Family Book Review


I’m really excited to share this delightful book with y’all today!

Title: All-of-a-Kind Family (first book in a series of five)
Author: Sydney Taylor
Publish date: 1951
Number of pages: 189
Age suggested: 8+

Excerpt: “The smile on the library lady’s face deepened. In front of her desk stood five little girls dressed exactly alike. ‘My goodness! Are you all one family?’ ‘Yes, all one family,’ Henny spoke up. ‘I’m Henrietta, Henny for short; I’m ten. Ella’s twelve, Sarah is eight, Charlotte is six, and Gertie is four.’ ‘A steps-and-stairs family!’ The library lady laughed and the tiny freckles on her pert nose seemed to laugh with her. ‘That’s a good name for us,’ Ella said. ‘Some people call us an all-of-a-kind family.’

Summary: Meet the All-of-a-Kind family, from Papa and Mama all the way down to little Gertie. They live at the turn of the century in New York City on the Lower East Side. Each of them have different personalities – sensible Ella, mischievous fun-loving Henny, quiet Sarah, dreamy Charlotte and baby Gertie – who is Charlotte’s tiny worshipper. Life is full of adventures in New York, such as going to the market with Mama where all the peddlers speak Yiddish, digging out books in Papa’s shop, going to the library on Fridays and all of them falling ill with scarlet fever – except for disappointed Henny! But the greatest adventure is yet to come…


My thoughts: I love this book series so much! The All-of-a-Kind Family is Jewish, and I found it very interesting to learn about all their different holidays – the High Holy Days, Rosh Hashana, Yom Kippur, Succos, and Purim to name a few. I also loved it because it’s set in the turn of the century/pre-World War 1. Think around 1912. Throughout the rest of the series, the family moves, World War 1 comes around, and the girls get tangled in all sorts of adventures. It’s definitely a series catered to elementary/middle school readers, but I really enjoyed it all the same. I think everyone would enjoy this series no matter what their age! (and this is just the first book – the girls grow up in the next books, so at the end, Ella is 18.)

So there you have my book review for August! I’m going to try to post one every month, but that gets hard. Have you read All-of-a-Kind Family?

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