The Adventure Begins: Part II

This is part two. See part one.

The next morning, Junior and I woke up while my parents were still in bed. I did my makeup, brewed us some tea, and we played several matches of Uno (ahem…the only game I know how to play…) while we waited for my parents. After my mom took her shower she started making breakfast.

pancake (2)

bacon (2)

Pancakes and bacon with fresh peaches. And maple syrup, lots of it.

maple_syrup (2)

We played a couple matches of Uno as a family and then cleaned up. We decided to go visit some nearby waterfalls and ended up going to see one that happens to be really famous and really pretty.

I was experimenting with my camera settings so the pictures aren’t as good as I wish they were, but I did get some pictures, and here they are:


waterfall2 waterfall3 waterfall4

After we got back to the campground from the waterfall, we emptied out all the water and stuff and hitched up to go home! While backing up, we crushed the power cord that connects the brakes and lights for the trailer. We made it to the front of the campground and pulled over so my dad could fix it. It took him about 45 minutes but he got it fixed and we started for home! We hit a downpour of rain about 20 minutes from home and that was fun 😛 What an adventure we had!

So that was our first camping trip! I’m not sure when the next family camping trip will be. Upcoming in December, however, we have a trip to St. Augustine in Florida!

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