The Adventure Begins: Part I

trailer (2)

A few weeks ago, my parents bought a big RV trailer. For a while, we’ve wanted to travel and go places that may not have hotels near that we would stay at – like the Creation Museum, the Grand Canyon, etc. So after five years of thinking about it, my parents bought an RV.

We decided to go and camp somewhere nearby to try out all the facilities of the trailer. That way, if something didn’t work out, we could come back home. So we went about 40 minutes away to a nice campground that was near some waterfalls.

trailer2 (2)

Here are some inside pictures.

The Kitchen

kitchen (2)

Junior’s and my room

room (2)

Very bad theology, but cute pillow.

room1 (2) makeup (2)

My parents’ bedroom

bedroom (2)

The tiny bathroom

bathroom (2)

The couch & dining area

dining (2) sof (2)

After we got to the campground and backed in, my dad hooked us up to the electricity and water. Mama prepared drinks inside while Daddy grilled the burgers. Our first dinner was burgers, cucumbers and dip, chips, and fruit salad.

wineglasses (2)

After dinner, mama made us some homemade ice cream (blackberry cheesecake with caramel sauce) and we watched The Long, Long Trailer. Then we took our five-minute showers and settled in for the night. By the way – those beds are a little hard!

That was the first day.

(more coming!)

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