10 Ways to Save Time in the Morning


  1. Take a shower at night. Taking a shower at night will save at least 20 minutes if not more. I am the person who will spend half an hour in the shower and I cannot take the time in the morning! Also, if you wash your hair in the shower you’ll have to blow dry it which will take another half-hour. So you can save at least an hour by taking your shower at night. Another reason why it is important to shower at night is because of the steam, no kidding! Warm steam is really good for your face and will open up your pores. In the shower you should use a daily scrub on your face. However, NEVER exfoliate your face in the morning. After your pores are opened up and you begin to put makeup on, the makeup will get deep into your pores, clogging them and promoting an acne breakout!
  2. Lay out the clothes you’re going to wear. Ok, this seems really easy but if you’re like me, you’ll wake up, go into your closet and spend 15 minutes trying to figure out what to wear! So laying out your clothes is definitely a life-saver.  Also, if you’re running late to school (or work) you will most likely grab something that may not look put-together so this tip is SO HELPFUL!!!
  3. Pack your purse/backpack at night. If you are racing around the house in the morning trying to find everything you need, then you will lose time! Not good. You may also not pack everything you need because you’re in a hurry.
  4. Clean/tidy your room the night before. I hate waking up to a messy room. My day seems much more planned out and I just feel so ready to face the world if I wake up to a clean room!
  5. Plan out breakfast the night before. Usually if I’m in a rush I won’t eat breakfast because I don’t have the time to figure out what to eat. This is not healthy because breakfast is the most important meal of the day! Use my 5 Quick & Easy Breakfast Ideas to help you figure out what to eat. If you know you’re in a rush, smoothies can be made the night before. :) (also, if you take lunch to school, pack it the night before.)
  6. Try out the new hairstyle the night before. One thing I get really put up with is my hair. Because it is so soft and slippery I have such a hard time with it. I know from experience that it is never good to try out a new hairstyle when I’m running short of time! So check out that hairstyle! I love Hair Romance and find it so informative for hair designs!
  7. Check the weather. Ok, basic tip again…but you want to know what the weather is going to be, so you know what to wear. Also it is helpful so you won’t be racing around the house looking for an umbrella!
  8. Make sure your homework is all done! Homework, homework. Who likes it? What’s worse is doing it in a rush! Make sure it is done and in your bag the night before.
  9. Make sure your alarm is set. This is like, REALLY basic. BUT, I have woken up many times to no alarm. I have also gotten used to snoozing the alarm in my sleep. NOT GOOD! Make sure your alarm is set, and if you’re using an iPhone/smartphone for your alarm, make sure it is fully charged so it won’t die in the night. I find that putting an alarm clock across the room works really well! Especially if you set it on a really, really annoying song.
  10. Go to bed early. I know, who likes this? Not I! But if you have a really busy morning ahead, it is probably a good idea to go to bed at least a half-hour early. With extra rest, you’ll be able to move much faster and think more clearly!

The best way to save time in the morning that I’ve found? MAKE SURE YOU USE A SLOW CLOCK!

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