A New Home

Remember these babies? Well, them babies grew. They grew so much and started chewing pecking through their cardboard box home. Therefore, Granddaddy had to move them to their home out-of-doors on the hill, near the other chickens.

So this is their new home.



Currently, the chickens are in a netted play-yard area. This is so they will get used to being outside and it provides a safe place for them. There’s also netting on top so that hawks and other flying predators cannot swoop down and…well, eliminate them. :'(


In a week or so, the door to their play-yard will be open and the chickens will be free to range outside in the boundaries of the electric fence. We’ll keep this netting and fence so that they have a safe place to sleep.





While I was up on the hill, I had to check on the rabbits also.


Munchie, Nibbler, Moriarty, Irene Adler, Lollipop, and Unnamed-so-far are all quite well.

As is this beautiful flower that I had to photograph.


Until next time,

the farm girl