What’s On My Desk?

Hey, y’all! So I haven’t seen one of these posts yet, but when I sent out my back-to-school questionnaire to my email subscribers, quite a few of them, actually, suggested that I write a post on how I organize my desk/what I keep at my desk…stuff like that.

I loved the idea, of course.

So here’s what is on my desk.



Starting with the top shelf, I have some coloring books, a recipe binder, notebooks and miscellaneous books like this one and this one. Then I have three history textbooks (none of which are actually required for me to read…), a stack of CDs (I wish they were records!), a picture of my grandparents from way back when, a cookbook, another stack of books (mainly a dictionary, more history books, a science book, other school books that aren’t even required…I just like reading school books…) and a bucket. In the bucket are miscellaneous things that have no home.

Then on the next shelf I have a pencil cup with wood pencils in it, my polaroid, a little mailbox I made, and a set of drawers. Then I have headphones and a measuring tape (no, this is not usually on my desk…), another cookbook, and a tissue box.


Moving down to my desk, I have on my corkboard a collage of cards. Then on my desk I have some stationery items, organizers, my laptop, a picture, my mouse, and a little notepad. OKAY. MOVING ON.


In these organizers, I have….well, we’ll start from the right. In this certain organizer, I have scissors, pens, a dry erase marker, 2 rulers, nail polish, pencils, business cards, sharpies, more pens, and highlighters. In the drawer are some office max coupons and I JUST REALZED THAT I HAVE A $10 off $20 COUPON THAT I COULD HAVE USED THE OTHER DAY. Then between that orgnaizer and the next organizer I have some Lilly Pulitzer sticky notes that you saw in this post.


On top of the next organizer I have some paper clips and push pins, a rubber band ball and some binder clips. IN the first drawer to the right I have an iPhone charging cable and earphones. The next drawer has some miscellaneous pencils, highlighters, and pens. And the last drawer has a dry-erase board eraser and the rest of the binder clips.

Finally, the last organizer has: from top to bottom: a mini stapler on the top, because it’s the same color as my organizers. First drawer has staples. Next has an SD card, a necklace, earrings (AHH! THAT’S WHERE THAT OTHER EARRING WENT!), a hair barrette and pushpins. And other miscellaneous items. The next drawer has lip balms. The drawer after that (I’m getting tired of the word next) has some Instax mini polaroid film and the bottom drawer has nothing.


Now, for the drawers on the second shelf. On top of them I have a pencil sharpener, a stapler, and a tape dispenser. In the top left drawer I have Paper Mate mechanical pencils. Below it I have extra business cards, cuticle sticks, and nail buffers. In the top right drawer I have miscellaneous pens. And below it I have more sticky notes and address labels. Oh, and a single stamp and white-out.


So there was my very lengthy desk tour!


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