10 Tips For Smart Back-to-School Shopping


  1. Wait a while. Every year I wait. I worry that everything

    will be gone, but in reality, it won’t be, and it’s best to wait until at least the last week of July. Sale flyers and coupons are out and you’ve got some great deals around that time.

  2. Organize – and check last year’s supplies. I know, I love new stuff too, but you may have items in your closet that are still in GREAT condition. This saves you lots of money – and you don’t have return items that you already have!
  3. Make a list. I admit it; I go without a list and practically SPLURGE. But, to save money, especially if you are an office-supplies freak, make a list and stick to it! Find the basics and find the cheapest ones. Also, check online for reviews of the product if you haven’t bought it before.back_to_school
  4. Know your budget. I hate putting stuff in my cart and then finding out that I don’t have enough money for it. Find the prices of the items online, and then add them up on your calculator. You should even add tax! After finding coupons, subtract them from your subtotal. Easy as pi.
  5. Search for coupons. If you’re buying in-store, go to that website for printable coupons. Also, has really good coupons. However, if you are buying online, check out It has great promo codes!
  6. Check the sale flyers. After you’ve made the list, check the flyers to see what’s on sale. Sometimes they will have sneak-peeks of next week’s flyer so you can see if it is better to buy certain items later.school_supplies_back_to_school
  7. Check Amazon! is my favorite website EVER for shopping. With Prime, you get free 2-day shipping. Sometimes, their prices will be lower than your local store.
  8. Walmart. Okay…I am not at all a Walmart person, but I have to admit that sometimes I shop there if they have a good deal. And, sometimes, they do! Like, two years ago when I bought two cases of notebooks because they were $.17 each…
  9. Check online first. I hate making trips to find that they have sold out of a product in that store! Many stores now have an option where you can see if it’s available at your store.
  10. Again, wait. When you shop, gather the items you know you will need, and get the rest when they go on sale. Like the notebooks always go on sale in late August.school_back_to_school

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