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Everyone ready for BACK TO SCHOOL? Before you start groaning, let me tell ya that I’m right there with you. I literally just got out of school in late June and I absolutely hate it when all the stores start so early with their back-to-school deals and stuff. Unfortunately, it can’t be helped. As a blogger, I have to jump on it too, so this post is an announcement that I’m starting the back-to-school posts.

However, I have a surprise! If you possibly deduced it from the title, I have a giveaway for y’all. It’s my first online giveaway and I’m so excited! Because I’m a lunatic about school supplies and I’m excited for my first blogoversary coming up in September, I decided to throw confetti and host a giveaway.

PaperMate Flair M Pens in FASHION COLORS

How cool are these! You’ve heard me go on and on about these pens in my monthly favorites and because I love them so much, I know you will to. So I decided to give you some! And I just love these colors.



Those of you who know me, know that I am a notebook freak. I mean like, seriously, a really, really bad notebook hoarder. I saw Office Max had some notebooks online and being in my absolute favorite colors, I snatched them up. You get these:


aqua_gold_heart_composition_giveaway gold_dot_notebook_giveaway

Aren’t they cute?

PLUS, a pineapple one!



To finish it off I have a surprise item as well!



First, fill out the contact form below and tell me what the worst thing about going back to school is. You also can get an extra entry if you subscribe to my email list. And finally, tell your friends about my giveaway! For each friend you refer, you get another extra entry. NOTICE: If you have been referred, tell me who referred you and they’ll get their extra entry.

Y’all only have 20 days to enter!! The giveaway ends on the twenty-sixth of this month, so make sure you get in!

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