This Month’s Goals // July 2016

Ciao! Well, it’s July and here are my goals and follow-up.



 #1 Finish school. Did I do this? YES, I FINISHED SCHOOL! I’m so happy that I’m finally done with nine and tenth grades forever and ever until I homeschool my kids. Oh joy. But anyway, yes, I accomplished this goal with a bang and summer is really and truly here now!
#2 Stay organized. Yes or no? In between. For the most part, yes! I did manage to keep my room and desk clean for most of the month. There were a couple days where I failed at this, but yes, I do believe I accomplished this goal.
#3 Start the day better. Tied in with this goal, if you remember, was to wake up earlier. Well, I think I’ve half-completed this goal. Some days I just flopped, but I did wake up earlier on garden days (which started this month), and I did wake up earlier on most days. On the weekend and maybe 1-2 days each week I flopped. Otherwise, I’ve done pretty well on this one, I think!
#4 Be more grateful and keep a gratitude journal. Yeeeeaaaaahhhh. Well, you see…I did take out a composition notebook for this and I did get a whole page written of things I’m thankful for. But I forgot to bring it to my room so I can write in it every morning. So I will definitley be working harder on this during July.


#1 Focus on serving others – This month, I’m going to really try to find ways to serve others. I can go help Muttie clean her patio, or go fold my aunt’s laundry, or my mom’s laundry, or whatever.
#2 Complete half of my bucket list – Do you know, there are only two months of REALLY TRULY summer left? Of course, I do have until September 22nd (first day of fall) to complete my bucket list, but we start school in early September.  I really won’t have that much time after school starts, so I figured it’d be best to complete half of my bucket list in July and half in August. (hopefully this month I’ll get my skirt done!)
#3 Carry out goals #2, #3, and #4 of June’s goals – Yep. This month I’m going to work on those goals too, as there’s no need to stop waking up early, keeping a gratitude journal, or staying organized. :)
#4 Set daily goals – I had thought about starting a summer schedule, but the thing I like about summer is that nothing is really concrete and schedulized. THIS DOESN’T MEAN that you can’t complete goals. IT ALSO DOESN’T MEAN that you lie around and be lazy all the time. It just means that life is a bit more flexible, which is a very good thing. So instead of making a schedule, I’m going to write down my to-do or goals for the day each morning with my devotions. They’ll be sort of like “Today: Work in office, clean the bathrooms, do a violin practice, help Aunt Kat for an hour…”
#5 Get back on track with Duolingo! UGH GUYS. I am so bad about sticking to things! Seriously, a fault that I need to fix, which is why these goals are so helpful! Anyway, Duolingo. I’m currently learning Italian on there, but I haven’t done any lessons since….since….since…I don’t even know when! This month, I’m going to get back on track with this thing and hopefully do at least five lessons a week. I really have to finish learning Italian!!
So there are my goals for July! What are your goals for July?
(By the way, US readers, Happy Independence Day!)
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