Monthly Favorites // June 2016

Can you believe it? We’re in JULY!!! That’s just absolutely crazy. But…”‘The time has come!’ the Walrus said, ‘to talk of other things…'” And the “other things” I mean right now are not “shoes and ships and sealing wax” nor “cabbages and kings” but my Monthly Favorites! (For those who don’t know, I was quoting from Alice in Wonderland ūüėČ
Here’s what I’ve loved this month.


PaperMate Flair M Pens in TROPICAL COLORS

First I must apologize for talking about these pens AGAIN. But after I wrote up my monthly¬†favorites¬†for May, I went and ordered these amazing pens in tropical colors. I love them SO MUCH. They’ve made my notes for school so pretty! (and confusing…) If you have not tried these pens…you MUST! The colors are just beautiful and perfect for summer ūüėČ


I love these movies. I was gifted this DVD set for Thanksgiving the year before last and I have watched them millions of times. The movies are based on the Blondie comic and they’re in black in white. They’re so funny! The movies were made in the late 30’s I think, and they are what started my love of vintage fashion. I rewatched all of them this month :)

The Beginner’s Photography Guide

Remember, in my bucket list I said that one of my goals was to get completely off auto mode? I bought this book this month and while I haven’t had time to start applying everything yet, I did look it over and it looks absolutely WONDERFUL! I can’t wait for a little more time so I can start working with the book.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Okay, okay. I know I’m a bit¬†weird¬†for putting ACV on my monthly favorites list. The fact is, this stuff is so good! I’ve been using it as a hair rinse because we have hard water, and as an acne treatment. About every three-four days I’ll rinse my hair with it and it makes my hair smell SO GOOD. Now, I like the smell of vinegar hair, so I don’t rinse it out, but if you don’t, all you have to do is rinse it out. It makes my hair very soft, silky, and shiny. As an acne treatment, I just soak a cotton ball in it and apply to whatever zits I have. It stings a little, but in 2 days at the least that zit is GONE. This stuff is great and a really wonderful natural solution for acne and hard water residue.

WordPress Post Scheduling

This, also, is a bit weird to put on my favorites, but hey, who cares? The fact is, since mid-March I have been posting every-other-day consistently and I haven’t missed a post yet. (knock on wood!) About once a week, I’ll schedule out all the posts for the next week to come. Then I’ll be¬†temporarily¬†out of post ideas and freak out for a week until I have like two posts left. After that, I will have a massive amount of ideas. So I’ll make another seven posts and schedule those out. I LOVE THIS SCHEDULE FEATURE. The other nice thing about this is that it’s built-in! You don’t even have to install a Plugin¬†because it’s already there in WordPress. Amazing. Simply amazing.

Pacifica Nail Polish in Fluorescent Sunset

I know I mentioned this in my summer makeup post. Well, guess what? I’m mentioning it AGAIN. I love this nail polish and it’s been on my toes all month! (until it pealed…but then I re-applied it ūüėČ It’s such a pretty bright color. ¬†So summery!


The Clare cardigan (J. Crew Outlet)

Where I live in the south, the weather is weird. Like, beyond weird. In December we’ll have one day where it will be like 70 degrees and the next day it’ll be 30. Seriously? In the summer it gets weird as well, and even in June I get cold in the mornings. So for the past couple of months I have really loved these cardigans. I have one in navy and one in white and those two neutrals are just perfect! They go with everything and are so soft and comfy. I can wear them out or around the house. They’re also great to fold up in my bag when I go out just in case I happen to get cold. I love these cardigans!
Also, I must apologize for the weird text and picture orientation and spacing that I’ve been having recently. WordPress has been glitching. Not sure how to fix it, either, so bear with me guys!
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