My Summer Bucket List 2016


Dare I make the announcement that summer is truly here? Down in the south, summer’s been here since well, mid-May, but y’all northerners ain’t got no summer until we’re into June, right? No matter what the weather is, it is officially summer and I have a bucket list.

  • Can a whole batch of tomatoes entirely by myself
  • Finish the Hobbit (started as of 6-25)
  • Finish reading my American history textbook (no this is not required for school, but I’m taking American history in the fall and would like to have an introduction)
  • Try to take a walk at least four times a week (which means, walk up the hill)
  • Finish learning the Phantom of the Opera medley
  • Buy myself this backpack
  • Find ways to serve others
  • Continue to wake up at six am all summer long and enjoy it
  • Fill my gratitude journal halfway
  • Do a seven-day technology detox/challenge (except for the technology I use for work and maybe the camera)


  • Finish my skirt (I’m making this skirt in denim, perfect for fall!)
  • Learn to like the number fifteen
  • Deep clean my bedroom before school starts up again
  • Write a short story
  • Read and study Colossians and take notes on how it applies to daily life
  • Learn how to get off of Auto mode on the camera
  • Go to at least three antique places and book stores
  • Celebrate the anniversary of my blog in September
  • Get lost in the forest (or something)
  • Cook a whole dinner for my family by myself
  • Learn how to do a new style with my hair (DONE!)
  • Learn how to make fermented pickles
  • Do everything with the intent of glorifying God and living as His Son would.


And there’s my very, very long bucket list. However, I do hope to get quite a few of these checked off! Thankfully I have all of July and August to do so – but you know, with the back-to-school craze starting in mid-July, summer feels like it gets cut short! Oh well. Happy summer everyone! What’s on YOUR bucket list? Going on vacation?

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