Baby Chickadoodles!

If you’re on my email list, you will have already seen this picture. On the eleventh we got baby chickadoodles!



It has been two years since we last ordered chicks and our current hens are really starting to lay a lot lesss and we’ve also lost quite a few. So my granddaddy decided to order more baby chicks! He ordered fifty, as the last time, and they mailed them in the box showed above. (The breed we ordered was ISA Brown.)

Until they grew a bit, they needed to stay in my grandparents’ garage in a box with a heat lamp. Granddaddy made their home out of a box and put sand down on the bottom. On top of the sand he put paper towel so that the chicks wouldn’t start pecking at the sand, thinking it was food.  Then he put a heat lamp, a water container, and their food containers.


After we opened the box with chicks…


…Granddaddy lifted them out, one by one, and put them into their new home and taught them how to drink. Before now, the chicks never had any food or water in their life! He taught them how to drink by dipping their beaks in the water. As for food – well, they’ll find the food. 😉 We only needed to teach the first few to drink because they would teach the others.


After a long ride (they were probably hatched Monday and sent out) the chicks were highly stressed and most of them went right to the heat lamp and huddled under it and slept. By that afternoon, though, they were all running around like crazy and apparently forgot about being stressed.


Occasionally one will fall into the water container and take a bath.


All they do is eat!

chicks_eating cute_chick

Well, that concludes the arrival of the Baby Chicks. They’re sooooooo cute!!

P.S. This is where they are now.

chicks_box chick_house2


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