Overnight No-Heat Curls


Hey y’all! So after this post, my friend Kiley suggested that I do a hair tutorial to show how exactly I use the foam rollers. I thought her idea was fantastic and so last weekend I did one for you! It’s really easy and doesn’t hurt your head when you sleep 😉


Step One: Begin by brushing your slightly damp or dry hair.
Step Two: Part it in the middle and divide into two sections.
Step Three: Now plait each section just to the shoulder (or above the shoulder if your hair is shorter) and secure with a clear hair elastic.
Step Three: With the tail from one braid, start rolling small sections of your hair. You should be able to get twelve rollers on each tail. Also, you’ll want to use the largest rollers.
Step Four: Now roll the other braid.

After this you can sleep. It is essential that you sleep on it because your hair takes a good six to nine hours to curl.


Step Five: After sleeping, begin to unroll your hair.
Step Six: After all the curlers are off of one plait, spray the curls with hairspray. Then unroll the other braid.
Step Seven: After all your hair is unrolled and sprayed, snip the clear elastics and unbraid your hair. Unbraiding can get tough because curls will get caught up together.
Step Eight: After your hair is all unbraided, just brush the braid part and comb a bit with your fingers. If you brush your hair really well in the first step you don’t have to brush so much now.
Finish by spraying your hair again.


And so there you have it! I did this for my choir concert and even though the concert wasn’t until three, I sprayed the curls really well after unravelling them around eight in the morning and they lasted nearly ten hours! And it was a damp day, too! I just love this hairstyle.

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