8 Must-Haves for Your Carry-On

Well, summer vacation is just about here, and time for us all to go somewhere to enjoy these months off of school. I haven’t been on a plane since I was really little, but here are my must-haves for your carry-on bag. Flights can get long and monotonous and it’s nice to have a few things right with you.

8_must_haves_for_your_carry_on (2)

1. Hand sanitizer – Can we all agree that planes are not the most, well, clean things ever? So many people, ugh! A good hand sanitizer is a must to chase away germs!

2. A book or a Kindle – I would totally get bored on a long plane ride, and I would want my book! Even better if you have a Kindle or a Nook so you can bring multiple books!



3. Earphones (and phone) – I can imagine that you might want to listen to music and block out sound, so earphones would definitely be one of my must-haves!

4. Glasses – I read this on another blog, and the girl said that her eyes get really dry on the plane and she didn’t want the difficulty of changing her contacts during the flight. If you wear contacts, it’s probably a good idea to put your glasses in your carry-on even if you’re not wearing them. You never know if you might need them!

5. Sweater – I have no idea about this, but are planes air-conditioned? Either way, you might get cold on the flight and you should have a cardigan or something in case you get a little chilly.



6. Gum or hard candies – The pressure when you’re ascending/descending can pop your ears, and to avoid that you might want to chew some gum or suck on a hard candy.

7. Notebook and pens – Who knows if you’ll get inspiration on the plane? I know for one that I get inspiration at the oddest times, and typing on my phone’s keyboard is such a nuisance. You should bring a notebook just to be safe 😉

8. Lotion – I’ve read that your hands can get dry on the plane and honestly, I hate the feeling of my hands after using hand sanitizer anyway. Sometimes your hands just feel like they need a little moisturizer and lotion is a must!

If you don’t have a purse as well as a carry-on, I would add my wallet and whatever identification I needed, especially if you’re flying across countries.