Rabbits and a Chicken

Guess what! After at least a year of talking about it, we got rabbits! Meat rabbits my friends, and before you start awwwing, remember that these will be eaten in about six years. We are going to breed them and in December/January, we will have rabbit meat!

We have four female and two male. They’re all in separate cages in the rabbit shelter, which, of course, I forgot to take a picture of. That shall have to come later, I suppose. The names are as follows:
Irene Adler, Lollipop, Nibbler, Moriarty, and Munchie.
Yes, I know that my  math is wrong – there are only five names and six rabbits. The naming job was given to my four oldest cousins, my brother, and myself. There is one female rabbit left to name. I, of course, suggest that its name be Estella or Dora Copperfield. (Great Expectations and David Copperfield respectively.)  If you are familiar with Sherlock Holmes, you will notice that two of the major villains: Moriarty and Irene Adler – are having rabbit namesakes. Irene Adler was only in A Scandal in Bohemia, but Sherlock Holmes remembered her in another, as “The Woman”. Even though she only made her appearance in one story, I still think of her as a major villain.
So why villains? Well, I feel so much better eating one named Moriarty, or Uriah Heep or Irene Adler than eating one named Fluffy. And when we slaughter Moriarty, I will finally rest assured that he was dead after all. We think.
And this is just a random chicken picture that I added in because I didn’t think the post was long enough. Also an announcement that we have ordered fifty more baby chicks and pictures are coming soon!
See y’all!
the farm girl
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