Monthly Favorites // May 2016


Hello!! I’m so excited to do this post! I’ve anticipated it for a whole month. Are you ready?

A Tale of Two Cities

Oh my word. I finally read it. A Tale of Two Cities was AMAZING. First off, I love almost everything I’ve read by Dickens so far. Second, I love history. But this was even better than I had expected it to be. Definitely, I wouldn’t suggest starting with this novel if you’re new to Dickens; it’s pretty dark and can get hard to understand. (About the darkness: I think this is one of the darkest Dickens I’ve read so far. The only other two really dark books I’ve read by him were Oliver Twist and Barnaby Rudge.) This was very dark, but I didn’t mind. It’s about France and England during their revolutions; what do you expect? People didn’t blow bubbles and keep kittens in those days. But it was absolutely spectacular and a must-read for any Dickens fan, if you haven’t read it already. It almost made me cry at the end, and that’s pretty good for Dickens – he’s only made me laugh before (in Pickwick).

Paper Mate Flair M Pens

I love these pens so much! I’ve used them a lot this month. I like them because they have a sort of marker feel, but they don’t blend through the pages. They create a very fine, smooth and clear line. Definitely a favorite pen. I only have them in red, but I’m going to get them in other colours as well!


Foam Rollers

This month, I’ve enjoyed getting to try a new hairstyle with foam rollers. I braid my hair in two plaits just to the shoulders, then I roll each tail with about fourteen rollers. I sleep with them and in the morning I wake up with curly hair! It’s a lot of fun and these foam rollers work really well.

Clif Trail Mix Bars

I’ve always loved Clif bars, but I was always a bit disappointed that they weren’t organic, seeing that I’m a health-food freak. My parents went to Costco and brought home these new ones. I. LOVE. THEM. They came in two flavours: raspberry pomegranate dark chocolate and dark chocolate almond sea salt. The raspberry pomegranate disappeared really fast. But I saved one of the almond just so I could take a picture to show you guys. This one is delicious as well – it kind of has a gooey caramel in it. It’s SO GOOD.


Chocolate Earl Grey by Numi

I picked up this tea a few weeks ago and I have been ADORING it. I love any kind of black or green tea (or basically just any caffeinated tea), so when I saw this in the tea aisle at our local health-food store, I had to pick it up. First, the packaging of Numi teas are always quite pretty. Second, I love it! The chocolate earl grey tastes like earl grey with a tiny bit of cocoa (not too much, though), and citrus highlights. It’s so delicious. I’ve been savoring it. I like to enjoy mine with a bit of sugar and heavy (the thicker the better) cream. AHHH!

Metallic Sharpies

I briefly mentioned that I had bought metallic sharpies in this post. I was reading A Girl Obsessed’s post about her blogging essentials, and she loves gold sharpies. Oh my word, who wouldn’t! I immediately had to buy a pack of gold, bronze, and silver to try them out. I love the way they write and look! Especially the bronze one.

Physician’s Formula Organic Wear CC Cream

This CC Cream has been my saving grace this month. I’ve been putting on light makeup every single day and I use this, powder, and a couple coats of mascara. This stuff is pretty cheap, but it has all good ingredients. It’s also not super heavy like foundation. When I want a better coverage, I use concealer, but this works great for lightly covering acne and under-eyes when it’s paired with powder for every-day makeup. I definitely recommend it! (Are there one or two C’s in recommend? I shall never know. Anne of Windy Poplars 😉 Yes, I’ve been re-reading those books for the 82,923rd time)


And so that concludes my monthly favorites! Stay tuned for more! 😛

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