This Month’s Goals // June 2016


Hello! Can you believe it’s June? And I have news! Today is Luvems’ birthday. He’s turning three! I can’t believe it. I can remember when he was just a little kitten…..*starts crying*

Oh well. Anyway, here are the goals for June and a follow-up on May’s goals.



#1 Write more and in Notebooks. Well, this was working really well! I had my blog notebook and metallic sharpies and everything. It was getting filled, too! But then I remembered Evernote…and so ten days before the end of the month, I converted all my notes into Evernote. It’s actually really handy because you can download it on your computer, your phone, and you can also log in online. So you can basically access your notebooks everywhere! I also like the “share” feature because I can email whole notebooks to my bloggy friends. Quite convenient.

#2 Start designated monthly posts. Well, monthly favorites is coming out in a couple days. That’s going to be fun! OOTM, as well, came and went. As did Paper Pumpkin. I have a couple more things up my sleeve but for now, I think I succeeded as far as that goal went!


#3 Get outside more. I failed miserably on this one! Well, maybe not that bad. I have gotten outside more than normal, but I still really didn’t get outside as much as I wanted to. However, I’m getting pretty good at jump roping :)

#4 Post more about farm life. Well, I did post once, with a farm tour. That was fun. This is more of a long-term goal, and I have some other farm-life ideas. I’m going to be working on that more.

This Month’s Goals


#1 Be more grateful. I’ve decided to start keeping a gratitude journal! This is something I’ve seen a lot and I think it’s really quite a good idea. With #3, I am going to write in it every morning of a couple things I’m grateful for, after I do my Bible study. I think I’m going to make up some thank-you cards as well…

#2 Stay organized. It’s super weird. I’m a type A, like my mom, and I love organizing, but it’s really hard to keep things organized. I’m going to work more on keeping my things organized on my desks and bedroom. Staying organized really helps me feel more put-together, but I fail miserably at it!


#3 Start the day better. You know, I’m a little more of a night owl than a morning person. Well…I think I could be a morning person if I wasn’t a night owl. Wow, this is getting confusing. Okay, let’s start over. You see, I love to read. And I prefer to read at night. Because I read at night, it’s hard to wake up early. For about a month now, I’ve done well with getting up at seven every weekday. The alarm goes off across the room, rings for five-ten minutes, and then I get up. I’d love to wake up earlier to have more time to get ready and focus on having a more productive day. So I have decided to start waking up ten minutes earlier every few days. I’m trying to get to six o’clock. Right now I’m at six forty. I already started a few days ago, doing this and so far it has worked out pretty well. Another reason why I want to start waking up earlier is because starting in July-early September, I have to be down in the garden around seven to work. So I figured I might as well start now.

#4 Finish school. School has been dragging, but I’m still on schedule. I’m supposed to finish the second-to-last week this month, but I’m going to try to get it done a little earlier. Ugh, I’m so ready to be done!

So those are my goals for June and a follow-up on May! Have a good week, y’all, and enjoy the weather!
(Yes, I know that not all of these pictures are related to the post, but I like them, okay? :) )

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