25 Reasons to be Happy Today


Y’all…I was so inspired by Pepper’s post, I decided to write one myself! So, credit to Pepper because I got the idea from her. We have similar things on our lists as well :)


  1. God sent His only Son to die for US to save us from our sins! Isn’t that the most amazing, happiest thought EVER? 
  2. Cats exist. No really. That is definitely a reason to be happy.
  3. TEA EXISTS. And like, chai. And earl gray. And black tea. And green tea. And peach tea….mmm…peach tea. (Somebody put the kettle on!)
  4. Notebooks exist. And pencils. And office supplies. You know, all that wonderful stuff.
  5. Flowers exist and so does your nose. A good combination, eh?
  6. You have access to some kind of a computer. How do I know? You’re using it to read this. Shocker.
  7. My blog exists. You should be happy. Very
  8. Music exists! And so do your ears! Now go listen to The Magic Flute K. 620 Act II Scene 3: Der Hölle Rache kocht in meinem Herzen!
  9. The internet exists – when you need inspiration or a recipe, you can Google. Amazing.
  10. Birds exist! So we get to hear their pretty songs!
  11. Blogs exist! And there are some pretty amazing people behind them, like Pepper!
  12. Jump ropes exist. And they’re a lot of fun. be_Happy
  13. Because of the number thirteen, which is so mysterious.
  14. Unicorns? Yeah, no…umm…hmm.
  15. BOOKS ARE A THING. A very wonderful thing!
  16. Friends.
  17. Kind and considerate people do exist!
  18. God loves you and He made you in His image and unique!
  19. Rasberries.
  20. Lindsey Stirling, The Piano Guys, Taylor Davis, and 2Cellos all are creating amazing art in the form of music.
  21. Passionfruit bubble tea.
  22. Early mornings are simply gorgeous with their colourful sunrises and dew-ridden grass!
  23. Be happy because of creation in general! Not just early mornings, but evenings, afternoons – be happy for the sun which warms the earth! Be happy about all the adorable little critters running around outside!
  24. You most likely have access to schoolwork. Well guess what? A vast majority of people don’t. Be happy you can get an education.
  25. The Bible exists. God gave us His Word so we can learn more about Him!!

And with that, I shall leave you to be happy! 😀

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